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Web Tapestry was founded in 1999 and is now 19 years in business.

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Windows 2003 and Linux UK web hosting, ADSL Broadband and Network Consultancy from Web Tapestry

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Offers domain registration, web hosting, dedicated servers, server co-location, web design, including database backed sites and Flash development, leased lines and network consultancy.

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Axamba Limited 36 Davyhulme Road East Stretford Manchester M32 0DW Tel : +44 844 700 1720 Fax : +44 161 865 1718 E-mail: sales@webtapestry.net

Web Tapestry Reviews 2018

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Review of webtapestry.net by web design manchester on 2013/07/16 at 09:42
good hosting if youre on a low budget! exceptional host! :-)
Review of webtapestry.net by Aven Dawson on 2013/06/17 at 10:22
Well Iv been with then for a while, I had around 20 domain.
When it came to paying, its was/is a mess!

1, no confirmation of payment
2, often applied to Domains I had canceled
Problem, lost my main domain, I had to pay them 160 pound to get it back, and it was there fault!
I now have a dispute over billing, as Im moving the hosting (need a Wordpress there hosting package does not support this!
So I agreed to pay for the months I used, Got no reply they have now cut my Email and web site, and locked them so I can not move any of my 20 sites!
Yep they win, Im going to pay them for a years hosting, even though there control panel said Iv paid!

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