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was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business.

x10hosting.com contains very nice layout, and whole website is easy to navigate... except signup form. After clicking registration link we were asked to choose between available packages - without ads, and with forced ads (ads-sponsored package includes more space and bandwidth). Trying to register for ads-free package didn't work - we were redirected to same page again and again. But after choosing package with ads, registration form was working just perfect. As soon as required fields were filled out, we got confirmation email and cPanel account was created within next few minutes. After doing some more tests we found x10hosting.com user area is hard to understand (while main website should be easy to navigate even for newbies), but their service is good enough - no major slowdowns or timeouts. Another thing we like about x10hosting.com - if standard PHP configuration on server is not suitable for you, you may ask their team to upgrade PHP (good reason to do so will be required, of course). Basically, we have no more complaints about x10hosting.com, and it's really worth to consider. And this is a copy of their activation email: Congratulations, your x10Hosting Ad-Enhanced hosting account has been successfully created. Your account details are as follows: Username: xxx Password: xxx

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x10Hosting | Home

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x10Hosting is a free hosting provider. We give hosting out to the public for free. Check out our many free plans on our website today!

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Review of x10hosting.com by I. C. on 2013/11/09 at 02:48
This company was great to me at first. I ran on their premium hosting for a year.

Renewal comes around, and I open a ticket to get SLA credits. I receive a notice of cancellation from them after they determine the relationship is not worth keeping. Bullshit.
Review of x10hosting.com by guayota on 2013/09/27 at 01:04
Ive never in my life seen something so shitty as this x10Hosting!!!! Dont TOUCH! Everyday something gets fucked, or database, or ftp, or everything together!!! then you wait 1 hour, 3 hrs, 10, 20, 3 DAYS, and nothing. Really DONT TOUCH THIS SHIT!!!!
Review of x10hosting.com by iStateit on 2013/09/22 at 07:17
Uptime: At first, it was bad, but somehow they recently upgraded me (I've been using them for about a year now) but I haven't had downtime since months and months ago when I forgot to log in once in a while.

Support: Eh. I don't think I clearly stated my problem though but they were able to help me to some degree.

Speed: Not unbearable but not the best by a long shot.

I've used a lot of other free hosting services and definitely this has been the least problematic one I've used so far. Also, when it comes to speed, I don't actually understand the concept of "progressive JPEGS" nor do I ever take the time to compress my images so my site's speed is definitely skewed towards the low side, nothing I can blame on the host in my opinion. I like this host, once I'm not completely dependent on others for my survival anymore, upgrading will probably be a first priority, just in the case that these things could still happen again.
Review of x10hosting.com by Jackie on 2013/09/06 at 14:21
I've used X10hosting on and off throughout 6 or 7 years.

As everyone said: uptime is crap. Loading speed is crap. Support is crap.

The premium plans a better, but still not good enough for the money.
Review of x10hosting.com by Jason on 2013/07/25 at 22:39
They secure your login and webmail with AES 256 bit encryption. Also there service is great!
Review of x10hosting.com by Flashwave on 2013/05/15 at 17:32
Most of the reviews here already state the uptime and such
the vox servers are pretty good but they have this thing where only "whitelisted" countries can register
Now this is the biggest bullshit i've ever heard
Review of x10hosting.com by Travis Keane on 2013/01/16 at 21:05
Had x10 for 4 years. uptime is unreliable, support is slow or non-existent. Speed? slow as malasses in january. Frequent downtimes of over 2 hours at a time. Constant account suspensions because you forget to login once every few weeks is complete nonsense and aggravation. Their appeals process is unfair and unjust. If they decide you have somehow violated their policy (that is the biggest bunch of nonsense I have ever read) they will not let you download your data, they just lock you out and that's it. I am done with them forever.
Review of x10hosting.com by :) on 2012/12/16 at 17:09
Uptime is crap. Speed slow. Support crap too.
Review of x10hosting.com by Jermy on 2012/12/01 at 04:51
typo *transition from co.CC was easy*
Review of x10hosting.com by Jermy on 2012/12/01 at 04:49
I have been a free user of x10hosting for about 8 months so far, the second free hosting provider I have tried

So far their uptime was been quite good, however there were a few short periods of downtime (just a few days).

The free package includes the usual cPanel, pretty much the same as any other web hosting does.

Their support is responsive within under week, which is pretty reasonable as a free service (of course!). There was that time when they were migrating some of their servers to new ones, which was sort of annoying becuase they only tell you they're doing maintance once they start.

No DNS/domain problems for me... no idea what the others here had - it's a steeeep learning curve to set up your own website. I initially didn't know it would take 48hours for DNS/domain settings to take effect across the globe, so patience :) My dotTK domain works just fine, transition for co.CC easy (after co.cc closed down).

Login required at least once a month. Never have been asked to or forced to put in their ads. In fact, I wouldn't mind doing so if that would help improve their uptime, but according to a response on their forums, they're happy to NOT force ads.

Speed? hardly notice, my site is accelerated by Cloudflare + wordpress cache plugins anyway.

Only 2 mySQL databases, fine for average user (only one needed really).

One parked domain + One free *.x10.mx + multiple addon domains

000webhost's uptime does look king next to what I've experienced at x10hosting though...


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