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x10hosting was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business. contains very nice layout, and whole website is easy to navigate... except signup form. After clicking registration link we were asked to choose between available packages - without ads, and with forced ads (ads-sponsored package includes more space and bandwidth). Trying to register for ads-free package didn't work - we were redirected to same page again and again. But after choosing package with ads, registration form was working just perfect. As soon as required fields were filled out, we got confirmation email and cPanel account was created within next few minutes. After doing some more tests we found user area is hard to understand (while main website should be easy to navigate even for newbies), but their service is good enough - no major slowdowns or timeouts. Another thing we like about - if standard PHP configuration on server is not suitable for you, you may ask their team to upgrade PHP (good reason to do so will be required, of course). Basically, we have no more complaints about, and it's really worth to consider. And this is a copy of their activation email: Congratulations, your x10Hosting Ad-Enhanced hosting account has been successfully created. Your account details are as follows: Username: xxx Password: xxx

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x10Hosting | Home

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x10Hosting is a free hosting provider. We give hosting out to the public for free. Check out our many free plans on our website today!

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x10hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of by safasda on 2010/11/09 at 15:16
Let's do a comparison here:

000webhost speed tests (4 random servers):

Domain name Size Load Time Average Speed per KB
1 4.74 KB 0.27 seconds 0.06 seconds
2 4.74 KB 0.58 seconds 0.12 seconds
3 4.74 KB 0.63 seconds 0.13 seconds
4 4.74 KB 0.26 seconds 0.05 seconds

x10hosting servers:

Domain name Size Load Time Average Speed per KB
1 0.11 KB 0.58 seconds 5.38 seconds
2 0.11 KB 0.24 seconds 2.2 seconds
3 0.11 KB 0.36 seconds 3.37 seconds
4 0.11 KB 0.19 seconds 1.78 seconds

I'd also like to note that starka server was doing 500+ seconds for 1kb for 4 days straight and the staff kept saying everything is fine and it's normal.

Overall, 000webhost is the only free hosting to go with.
Review of by Anthony on 2010/10/15 at 12:09
Not a good provider of free hosting. Rarely is the server working correctly and at this time mysql has been down for at least 48 hours with a blip of uptime in between. No longer do I use it as main site only as a backup of site even then unable to to update it most of the time. You will hear people say how great it is don't be fooled as with all the extras provided uptime is abysmal.
Review of by DownDown on 2010/09/24 at 13:23
I use external monitoring services to monitor the uptime of my site on x10hosting.

Over the past 7 days, reports show that my website has been offline 89% of the time, which was checked once every single minute.

Of the 10,080 minutes in 7 days time (168 hours) my website was offline for 8,971 minutes.

Do yourself a favor, don't bother with x10hosting. Their adfree-infinity package offering "unlimited" space and bandwidth isn't worth the downtime.
Review of by CB on 2010/09/23 at 10:49
Its just a piece of shit!!!!
Review of by Billy on 2010/09/16 at 15:53
With such garbage services, support and the absolute rudeness of the staff, it's amazing how this company has been around for so long.

Somebody needs to shut this garbage company down.
Review of by R Howells on 2010/09/11 at 16:46
My son has a paid for account and has been happily using it for about a year - no problems.
I have a free account. I spent about a month setting up my shop site with Prestashop. Eventually got it working - perfectly. Then, just a month or so later they changed their servers. My shop was totally screwed up. Couldn't install new version either. Even my son couldn't sort it out. Eventually I opted to start all over again with Opencart. Another month setting it all up. Got it working perfectly. But I'm constantly getting: 500 server errors when I try to log in or even just view my site through Google search. I can't build a business if no-one can even access my site. I'm now looking for alternative hosts. Going to try 000webhost which someone else has recommended. Maybe their paid for service is better (my son has no complaints) but I'd recommend you stay well away from them.
Review of by Ajmal on 2010/09/07 at 18:50
X10hosting sucks you they have strict Terms and they suspended my site.
Review of by hiccup on 2010/09/02 at 19:19
Worst host ever.

All the servers are constantly sluggish with load averages of over 20.00, MySQL server breaks constantly multiple times during the day, and web based email hasn't worked for months now.

On top of that, I was getting 500 internal server errors constantly all day every day, and I had to literally spam F5 key a dozen times just to get past it and then my site times out because the servers are sluggish. The staff keep blaming the 500 internal server errors on me, and it's apparently my fault I can't access my website. But the EXACT same website files and mysql database on 000webhost works flawlessly.

The staff are extremely rude most of the time, and have threatened me multiple times on both the forum and on their IRC.

And apparently you can't run any scripts on the server. WordPress will get your account suspended, Joomla will not work and be sluggish as fuck, and forum softwares will also get you suspended.

They also scan your sites, and all your personal files, for certain keywords and will instantly suspend you regardless if you knew or didn't know about it.

I was running a forum, and I got instantly suspended because their site scanner picked up my site after I was sleeping during the night and a spammer came in and spammed warez, porn and other shit on my forum.

Their response to the suspension? Refusal to unsuspend me for zero tolerance, and refusal to give me access to backups.

4 months of hard work to get my forum going actively, only to have it ruined because of these assholes.

Here's a tip of advice for anyone planning/looking at signing up at x10hosting: Don't.

Please don't waste your time with this host, just a friendly bit of advice. :)
Review of by Innudge on 2010/08/15 at 06:44
Here is a review:

* FTP: The FTP is so fucking slow. It took me 3hours to upload some 30MB of files, which is very slow taking into account my experience on which is by far, the best free webhost.
* SQL: Unlimited hosting is good. Unlimited disk space is good. But please. What the fuck is up with the 2database limit? It allows the user to install just 2CMSs/blogging softwares/forum softwares/whatever he wants to, because almost every CMS takes up one DB to store its data.
* Bans: Yes, my account has been banned twice in last 30mins. Somehow I reactivated it for the first time, but there are some problems again. And this time, I cant even reactivate my account. Fuckh!

Read my post:
Review of by asdf1 on 2010/08/14 at 22:32
Came back to x10hosting after 2 years to see how it was. It was horrible experience. I had so many issues with their servers being so fucking slow, and other people had the same problem and they blamed it on my computer itself.


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