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X 9 Internet was founded in 2000 and is now 18 years in business.

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Free UK Web hosting with free domain registration

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Free uk web hosting including free domain registration - Ecommerce hosting.

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X9 Internet 63 Crabtree Lane Lancing West Sussex BN15 9PJ United Kingdom

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Review of x9internet.co.uk by Roger Miles on 2009/10/26 at 22:15
Hello all. I am really suprised to see a free webhost, 000webhost.com, starting up a hosting site review section. But nevertheless, this can only be good, I hope.

I would like to correct a couple of issues, the address in Lancing would appear to be incorrect as that building I believe was sold by them some years ago. Also, I have several hosting accounts with this firm, my first one was opened in 1998, when I visited their shop.

I believe I am one of their early customers - I only live a couple of blocks away from 63 Craptree Lane, so they have been around for more than 9 years.

When I joined them, they were the cheapest in the UK - I only paid £12.95 for my first domain and £9.00 a year for hosting, and I'm still paying the same for hosting, but a lot less for my domains. I often wondered how they managed that so cheaply and at first was suspicious of their service, but after eleven years their service is still the same. Perhaps others may disagree with me, and perhaps they should post their thoughts here too, because I have never tried another hosting firm although I have noticed that there appear to be thousands now, and I find it so very confusing.

I think X9 is not one of the biggest firms, because whenever I email them, they always seem to remember me. I really like that and for that reason do not want to go to a large company where I might just become a reference number on a computer screen. So, good health to X9, you have my full support and I really hope I'll be around for another 11 years with my sites, because I'm marching on a bit now.

Roger Miles

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