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Zebra Hosts General Information

Zebra Hosts was founded in 2001 and is now 17 years in business.

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ZebraHosts.net :: Internet Expertise

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ZebraHosts where our first-class datacentre solutions provide optimum security for your mission critical data. We have expert technical knowledge in hosting, security and connectivity.

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zebrahost, zebrahosting

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Zebrahosts Adamson House 65 Westgate Road Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 1SG

Zebra Hosts Reviews 2018

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Review of zebrahosts.net by Sean Cardus on 2011/08/19 at 12:45

I'd like to separate our business from the bad reviews listed below on this website.

Please note this company listing is for "zebrahosts.net" based in the UK, *not* "zebrahost.net" based in the US on which these reviews are based.

Sean Cardus
ZebraHosts LTD
Review of zebrahosts.net by Minoo on 2011/01/13 at 15:16
What can I say about not been professional, when we start
our website we did not know much about hosting or other details, all we know was to find the right people and do it!! our story is long and bad we are not going to talk about that, I just wants to tell you how our experience has been with zebrahost.net "one man operation" not only we had problems all the time I got an email on jan-7-2011 Friday to pay my bill and on monday Jan-10-2011 Monday he deleted our website from their server..........this act has cost me $4000.
you tell me is this a hosting company you like to deal with!!!
Review of zebrahosts.net by Ted Gray on 2010/12/30 at 01:11
terrible support, servers are always down

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