Frequently Asked Questions

Why I cannot login to website builder?

There could be some causes:

1. Make sure you already updated nameservers.
If you are using your own domain (like, for example), you need to point domain to our nameservers to get it working. You can find nameserver details after logging on to your CPanel -> View Account Details. You have to wait 24-48 hours after nameservers update before your domain starts working.

2. Make sure you have public_html folder created.
If your site is missing public_html folder, you will not be able to use website builder. To restore public_html use Fix File Permissions tool from control panel.

3. Use Internet Explorer or Firefox or Opera browsers.
Our website builder has support for these browsers. We do not guarantee that builder will work with other browsers.

4. Universal Fix: Reinstall Website
If you unable to login to builder admin area or get errors with invalid license it maybe that some files are missing. To fix it please reinstall website with builder again. First use the Cleanup / Reload Account function - it will delete current installation. You may then install your website again with the website builder. It will upload all missing files and fix common problems.

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