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FTP Troubleshooting Guide

Too long? - Basically: if you are using the correct password and username and you still get FTP client errors, it is likely there are FTP node issues - simply wait it out. You can confirm this by using the files.000webho…

4 September 8, 2019
Database Troubleshooting Guide

So you may have have come across database troubles on your website creating journey? A common one might be: This normally displays when a WordPress website has incorrect database co…

9 September 14, 2019
A must read before posting your topic!

Please read this thread before posting on the forum :slight_smile: The content of your thread MUST CONTAIN * Your 000WEBHOSTAPP URL * Screenshots of the issue on your end * Any actions you’ve trie…

9 October 29, 2019
Website Limitations (Free Plans)

A lot of users have been posting lately about limitations and suspensions - this is likely due to developers putting the limits into automation now, over the last few years we’ve been pretty lax about it and only r…

1 September 28, 2019
Read me first and welcome 2 September 30, 2019
Migration to new panel 2 September 30, 2019
PHP 7.2 is now available on 000webhost 1 December 5, 2016
Email forwarders ready for setup 2 September 30, 2019
Domain blacklisted from migration 4 July 18, 2017
Cronjob is not running :smirk: 8 July 26, 2017
GET TOKENS FOR FREE! 000Webhost partnered with! 5 September 30, 2019
Website Archive function and Control Panel design changes are LIVE! 2 September 30, 2019
Learn Digital Skills Online For Free! 000webhost & BitDegree Partnership! 3 September 30, 2019
cPanel Update / Control Panel Fresh Look 2 September 30, 2019
Account Suspension Information 1 July 11, 2019
Inactive Users Information 3 February 23, 2020
WordPress Installation Page / Rate Limiting Issue 4 February 23, 2020