000webhost Affilates - 10 business days



My claim request has not been paid yet for more than 10 business days! Why? :confused:


Hi, business days do not include weekends, just in case you didn’t already know that. Other than that, most goal requests are paid in bulk at the beginnings and ends of each month, so it’s possible that the goal request is being saved for a large batch of requests.

With that said, it’s misleading to have that message there if the request isn’t being paid. I’ll have an administrator take a look at this right away (c.c. @daugis).

Hi, I got a response from another moderator, apparently the 000webhost affiliate system is down for migration. Currently no new goal requests will be checked or paid, and I guess I missed this. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In the mean time, you should try the Hostinger affiliate program, which works fine.


Hi! Thanks for your response, but I can’t understand something. Will I take my money or not? When will end the migration proccess?
Thank you!


Hi you will take out your money for sure but not now because servers are down for migration so you can just wait.


How much time may it take, because if you are talking about this (image below), it has almost 1 year in my account and continues to be there… :confused:


The migration process was put at the bottom of our to-do list when more important things came up. Last year we dealt with the migration to the new 000webhost platform, and Hostinger/Hosting24 just got completely redone. Right now our focus is on the hosting part of the web hosting platform, so when there is time to fully migrate the 000webhost affiliates program it will happen.

Like Ayu said, the funds will still be there when they are available to be reviewed.

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