000webhost blog suggestions


As some of you may know, 000webhost has recently launched its brand new blog, and they need you to suggest!

What blog posts would you like and are likely to interest you to read? :slight_smile:

Hit us below with some titles! :wink:

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(Daugirdas Jankus, Laura RamonaitytÄ—)


How about something that does not involve wordpress…?

I mean, this is supposed to be used as a learning platform, so I’m sure there are a lot of us who would rather build our own sites rather than use a ton of plugins and pre-made stuff.

Any chance for some serious tutorials on web development…?


Suggest any tutorials you want - we have just posted tutorials people have requested so far.

Check out

If you’ve not already!


Thanks. I did check that out when I got the email about it but it all seems way to confusing and I don’t think I was able to sign up. I don’t know anything about bitcoins or blockchains… I just wanted access to the classes lol

I guess what I’m interested in right now is how to make API calls and return formatted data.
Other topics like sending queries to mySQL and maybe making my own comment system would surely interest me.


Great news from 000webhost, I am happy they launched a brand new blog and I love to read education-related blogs.