000webhost branding via Hostinger issue nhokplay


Hi Supporter!
I have bought a Hostinger domain name is ninhthuantour.com
But when I successfully connected to the domain, I cannot turn off 000webhost branding on cpanel
Please support me.


I’ll forward your issue to the devs :slight_smile:


Can you confirm you purchased ninhthuantour.com while browsing 000webhost?
If you purchased it directly via Hostinger then no branding wouldn’t automatically be disabled & a developer will have to manually modify your website to disable branding.


I’ve disabled branding manually, a developer will still need to look into this issue though.


Yes, I sure confirm purchased ninhthuantour.com on 000webhost.
In my setting 000webhost, I can’t disable branding.
Help me, please


So the issue is CloudFlare apparently :confused:
If you set your domain to point directly at 000webhost ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com the branding should disappear.