000webhost Branding


I’m trying to remove the 000webhost branding from my website (robloxbot.xyz), but it’s not allowing me to uncheck it.

The domain was purchased from Hostinger and it’s getting annoying to me how I must ask for help here every time I decide to put up a website from 000webhost when the domain was purchased from Hostinger. The last time I did this, I got the branding taken off-hopefully that concept is still a thing (buy domain from Hostinger = you can remove the branding)


I’ll look into this now.

If you purchase your domain on 000webhost.com using the provided menu then branding should be disabled.

If you make your way over to Hostinger and purchase a domain then no the branding is not disabled by standard but I will check now if this can be done for you individually.


When do you think this issue will be resolved?


During the week most probably, there hasn’t been a reply yet being a non working day.


Hey the issue has been resolved the branding has been disabled.


We are closing this now. :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask anytime again