000webhost discord support server!


000webhost is proud to announce the launch of its new discord support server for the next level of user experience with support.
One of the main reasons that pushed us to do this was the fact that communication via discord is easier if the topic needs quick Q&As.
Plus, while we work on a fix for the forum’s verification emails issue, you may use the discord server for any topic you came here to ask.
And, last but not least, we’re happy to introduce our brand new 000webhost discord bot, that will help you create a new support ticket in the discord server! (Type 000help in #bot-spam to get a list of commands).

So, without any further ado, join the server today, and begin enjoying the next level of support!

Happy webmastering,
Team 000webhost


Just a reminder:
Send 000support in the #:robot:-bot-spam channel to create a support ticket.

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