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my website www.avarcadegames.tk

google accept tk on the search?

Looks like it does - Google search for www.avarcadegames.tk

Can you tell me how to set up dns?
I have there acc to.

I believe Google stopped indexing .tk domains because of problems with “inactive” sites getting taken over.

Go to dot TK, login and then to DNS settings, the nameservers to use are here - http://www.000webhost.com/free-domain-hosting , save and logout. Assuming you have created an account with 000webhost using your dot TK domain name then all you can do is wait upto 3 days for the nameservers to filter round the www (usually not 3 days)

Google still crawls and indexes my .tk site, but I am also very active in keeping my sitemap up to date and managing my “google webmaster tools” account.

Soon all the illegal domain will stop popup on google … Becouse of the program SOPA. We will have to share only our work and nothing else. But … Who knowz.

SOPA sucks. Anyway. Google still accepts .tk domains.

sorry for my bad englihs!
you have to click on “creat new” button when you are loged in!
in this case you have to write “avarcadegames.tk” in that field so is saying “yourdomain.com”. and write in the password you want!

then you have to go to dot.tk
thene domain control > modify > custom dns

in the second one and wait for 1-2 houers!
it is slow to reload the information after you have saved it, but it works fine for me!
whene it done it wil load normaly

I believe that (.)tk domains will in fact be indexed, although I highly recommend purchasing a top level domains (.com/.net/.org,etc)

.tk is acctually a tld and you can possibly buy one, but dot.tk gives them out for free aswell.
So no, Google won’t completely stop crawling .tk domains (like they removed all co.cc domains)

thanks for info :slight_smile:

.tk is a tld. Google will index them as they index other sites. However, due to the large number of abuse-related sites because .tk is free, some browsers and anti-viruses do send out false positives for .tk sites. I know ESET NOD32 doesn’t like .tk sites.

Yes, dot.tk domains do in fact show on a Google Search. You may index your site with google by going to http://support.google.com/webmasters/?hl=en and clicking “Adding a site” under “Getting started”. Hope this helps!

thanks … very nice

which dns should i use ? umm cname?

which one to choose ?and what to do please tell i love 000webhost