000webhost Email Forwarding, not working?


I’ve made a new site, then I have change the domain, then I deleted my old Email Forwarding with the old Domain, now after that I change the email, I’m not able to use the email forwarder or when I send something to the domain there is no Email coming back to my forwarded email.

Hope you can Help Me!


@super_ven14 Admins are aware of the issue, and will be solved soon(as of now no time scale).
Any updates we’ll let you know.

Else use Zoho Mail Services, which is free and better than Mail Forwarding.


Mail Forwarding issue is fixed, Try now and let us know if you face any issue. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Still not receiving any, there is a Failure sent “Failed to sent”. TRY it “support@ravenshangar.tk”