000webhost php.ini configuration


Hello. I created a website by using 000webhost services. I really liked it as it is completely free.
I want to use a free wordpress theme. I will import demo content, but it fails.

For the demo import to work properly we need following PHP configuration

max_execution_time 360
memory_limit 256M
post_max_size 32M
upload_max_filesize 32M

How can we change php.ini file in order to make above mentioned changes for 000webhost websites?


Hello unfortunately users don’t have access to php.ini file on shared hosting, only server administrator can access this file.
You have to put these lines of code in your .htaccess file and it will work fine.


I added those values to .htaccess file using FileZilla. Then I checked php configuration by Wordpress phpinfo() plugin. Local values are changed as suggested but master value is not changed. So I have the same import process failed error. How can I contact an administrator to help me?


Hi @cimbomlu_zehra!

Given the nature of shared hosting, server side configurations can’t be changed only for a single account. And even if they could be changed, it wouldn’t happen.

You’ll either need to buy a paid plan, either move on to a VPS.


Well there should not be any problem if you have entered them correctly in .htaccess file because on shared hosting you can only change this functions by using your .htaccess file.
Make sure to place these code at bottom of your .htaccess file and then clear cache if possible.