000WP Fix, fix your WordPress site in seconds!

Greetings, web masters!

Today, we’re introducing a new tool for our lovely WordPress users!

A lovely 000webhost user has WordPress installed on his website. He always wants his website to load as fast as possible, and diminish the DB queries to not reach rate limiting, so he installs a cache plugin.
Unluckily, the cache plugin was incompatible with 000webhost, and his website now throws an “Application error” page, or 500 error.
The user is now sad that his website isn’t working anymore and wants someone to fix it for him.

We :heart: automation! So today, we’re introducing

What are the benefits of using this tool?
Fix time (aka how fast your website is fixed)! Now, you don’t have to wait for us to fix your website anymore, you can just go to the website, fill in your FTP credentials, and let the tool do the rest in seconds!

If you have feedback or are experiencing any trouble using the tool, please click here

Enjoy the tool, and as always, keep developing!

  • 000webhost
  1. Make sure FTP is enabled. This tool requires FTP to be enabled.
  2. Make sure FTP is not lagging, otherwise the tool will error saying incorrect credentials
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