1366 Incorrect integer value: '' for column `id9859674_heatonicsbiotech2`.`#__rsmonials`.`id` at row 1

Hi, I developed a website (www.heatonicsbiotech.in) using Joomla on the local server and everything worked fine. However, when I transferred it to 000webhost, started having problem in the frontend comment submission by the viewers. Whenever someone submits the comment, getting the following error:

Incorrect integer value: ‘’ for column id9859674_heatonicsbiotech2.#__rsmonials.id at row 1

I am new in web designing, please excuse me if I asked some beginner question.

Can we know what value is being inserted for the row id?

It is 20, type INT and Auto Increment is ticked

So you’re not manually inserting any value for this column? Just letting MySQL do it’s auto increment job?