1st website with database to collect sms text - problems

Hello I am trying to setup my first website. I am following the guide below. The website has one specific use. It has a database to collect sms text information. I think this guide makes the assumption I know what I am doing. When I setting this up I get to step 3. At that step, I do not see the index.html or the newdata.php to upload. I can edit and add the htaccess file. So I just tried to edit the htaccess file and exit. That worked but when I goto step 4 I get an “application error” and a comment the website cannot load. It also says look at the logs which only show the creation of the website and database. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Anthony


Hit on your link, hit files, download the required files then upload them?
Application error would mean a bad . htaccess just delete that file.

Thank you for the quick response. When you say hit your link do you mean the manage website link? Also, I do not see a tab or menu option for files. Where are these downloaded from?


The link you’ve posted to hackaday