2018 Forum Rules

Hello everyone,

Thank you for joining the 000webhost.com community. In order to keep this community available for everyone to use, all community members must follow and respect a few simple rules.

Failure to follow these rules may result in a loss of ability to reply, create topics, or even access the community.

Creating and Managing Accounts

  1. Do not use profanity in usernames, biographies, or locations. Doing so will lead to an account suspension and randomized username/bio/location change.

  2. Do not create multiple accounts. Doing so will lead to the account with the least amount of posts being suspended or deleted.

Creating Topics and Replying

  1. When creating a topic, choose the appropriate category based on the type of issue. If you speak Spanish or German, post in your respective category. Topics submitted to a irrelevant category will be re-categorized or removed.

  2. Topic titles must be descriptive. For example, a good topic title is “Question About PHP Version”, and a bad topic title is “Help Me”. Topics with non-descriptive titles may be removed.

  3. Do not use all uppercase letters in topics. Do not post topics like “Please HELP ME!!!”. These topics will be removed and your account may be silenced.

  4. Do not create multiple topics about the same issue. Duplicate topics will be deleted and your account will be silenced.

  5. Content of posts should not be explicit, offensive, shocking, or profane. Such content will be deleted and your account will be silenced.

Links and Redirects

  1. Posts containing links to outside sources may be flagged by a community member to be reviewed by a staff member. If the link is found to contain irrelevant or inappropriate content, it may be removed from the post.

  2. Posts containing affiliate links to any site, including 000webhost.com or Hostinger.com, will be removed. Links which provide monetary or otherwise personal gain to the poster will not be tolerated.

Silences and Suspensions

  1. All members will receive a warning after violating any of these rules above. Three (3) warnings will lead to automatic suspension. This means you will not be able to login for a set amount of time.

  2. Failure to follow any of the community rules may result in your account being silenced. This means you will not be able to create or reply to topics using that account.

User Trust Levels

  1. As defined by the creators of Discourse [source], user trust levels control what a user can do on this forum. By default, your account will be locked at Trust Level 0 (New User) upon signing up, and you can be promoted through forum activity.

  2. Any attempts to request Trust Level promotions above Level 1 (Basic User) will be ignored. Staff members will make all final decisions about a user’s Trust Level.

Private Messages

  1. Users who have just joined are not able to start private messages, so in the event that you need to share personal details, please create a topic titled “Private Message”, with some text briefly describing your issue. Note: You should not share personal details in a public topic. Upon asking a topic to be made private, it will become unavailable to the public and only invited users may view the conversation.

  2. Private messages should be kept between staff members and clients. You should not start private messages with other forum users or invite other users to your existing private messages.

  3. Private messages should not be used to spam staff members. Messages including requests to be promoted or made a staff member will be ignored and your account will be suspended.

Deleted Accounts

  1. In the event that your forum account is deleted, all the content of that account will be unrecoverable. If your account is deleted without warning, create a new account, and if you have any questions, PM a staff member.

These rules were last updated on 26 February 2018.

Thank You,
000webhost.com Staff