3rd Party SSL Cerificate

I actually have 2 websites www.christophercurry.gq/ and www.sunglowwebservices.gq both from freenom. I read the post from 2016 I think was the date, however from my research Lets encrypt is the best certificate provider is there any chance of using them? Also can I use cpanel for control panel from playstore? Im kind of going through crash courses for all of this which is a lot but I have different scripts I would like to use but the group Ive been working with only has directions for that cpanel. Trying to avoid suspension or worse I thought Id ask first. And lastly can you suggest a 3rd party email handler, thanks for such a good product as soon as my bills permit I am certanly getting the upgrade its worth every centcent, thanks for all the hard work you all have put in this it certainly shows!!!

We allow CloudFlare for custom domain SSL
LetsEncrypt isn’t on the cards for free platform as it’s available for Premium.
Unsure how you mean of cpanel playstore if you can expand I can answer.
3rd party email forwarders being ImprovMX.com followed by Migadu or Zoho or GSuite if you needed webmail inbox style.

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Yes I tried Zoho, but it denied me because of gq domain as I understood the message. As For cpanel here is a screen shot of the app the devs said it should work but I have my doubts cause of it allowing to bypass email, ssl and so forth. But I want cause I dont know about D.B. or FTP plus I have some scripts I want to practice on. Thanks for the knowledge on ssl, and I ask all top professionals this, where do you go for answers when your stumped or dont know anything about something for resourses (outside of webhost I mean)? Again thanks for your hard work and quick respoonse, and as soon as I can aford it I am upgrading with yall for sure, I wish I could have done it this past weekend. Thanks again.

That is “real cPanel” as such, we use our own cPanel and Hostinger provides hPanel, we do provide “real cPanel” via our other platform “Hosting24.com

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If you’ve got coding questions then http://stackoverflow.com is always a great resourceful community.

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So we dont have an address for our cpanel? As I understand it thats what I would need Im also a beta-tester for this and other apps. Again thank you for your hard work.

If you purchased Hosting24.com you could use the cPanel official Android Application yes but we don’t provide support for that since we don’t use the cPanel official panel.

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I do appologize, but if I u derstand correctly I need to unpark (if thats actually a term) my domain or repoint the servers000webhostapp.com so I can have Cloudfare test my site and I can only do one for free? We are not allowed to have any others? Just for clarification. And do free sites get to use web apps as well or are those premium services?

So if you own a custom domain curry555.com you can point your nameservers to CloudFlare > then point CNAME values to 000webhostapp URL.

See How To Use Cloudflare For SSL

But before I sign up I should reset 000webhost servers because they are pointed to my domain already? So Cloudfare can verify and run tests on it then point to cloudfare and then them to webhost? Sorry Im not as ■■■■■■ as I sound I swear Im just learning this and learning the next step and 5 to 10 steps ahead of all this so its overwhelming to say the least.

If you own curry555.com and you’ve already set it up with 000webhost, you can easily leave it, head over to CloudFlare and begin the process, then they’ll give you the correct nameservers to use.

On our panel it would be recommended to remove, delete, unlink completely.

Then you add it back to our panel using POINT and CNAME method.

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