400 Bad Request - MyBB


deleting all cookies is fixed the problem but 30 min later I get the same error again.
Please help.

some moderators say to me “upgrade your website”.
Why should I switch to a paid version when I get so many errors in the free version?

If I’m satisfied with using the free version, I need to upgrade the plan for more possibilities.but I can’t say I’m satisfied.
• FTP Connection problems.
• File manager errors.
• Xenforo not compatible.
• Vbulletin not compatible.
• MyBB compatible but we are experiencing such problems.
• Others.

The sale of a stable and stable system should be made.
000Webhost, giving the free hosting machines that cause problems.


Error links:
https://www.bugpoint.net/forum/member.php (Account Login)
https://www.bugpoint.net/forum/admin/index.php (Account Login)


Don’t upgrade your site simply try some other free hosting if you feel this hosting isn’t satisfying you.
The premium version has nothing to do with the free version it is completely different in terms of performance, reliability, security and features it is not aimed directly at the users of the free hosting , they have their own successful clients and other partner businesses but the banners are there and the messages to upgrade are there obviously if they can make money they will by placing these there they aren’t going to recommend another host when they themselves can provide it
I’m not sure on the the rate of free users transferring to Hostinger but I can’t see it being mega high because free hosting users want exactly that free hosting if this free hosting isn’t working for them they will move to another free host.


make sure that if there was another hosting company that supports zyro, I wouldn’t even stop for a minute.


Why do we only need to upgrade when we have a problem?


Hostinger own Zyro and lease it out to other hosting companies


Why do you think you need to upgrade when you have a problem it depends on what issue you are having.
I.e. too many WordPress plugins can be solved by one of two ways removing plugins even if you need them to restore and lower the database rate or you can move to premium.
That is the options you have with us the other options you have is of course going to another free host or paid host


I have tested the webhost for a total of 1 year.
I opened the subject to resolve most of the errors I received and was told that I had to constantly upgrade.
No, I won’t pay the money to a failing server.
When the webhost starts to provide a seamless service.
I’ll make payments on a regular basis like everyone else.


I know you have tested it for over 1 year I can see all of the tickets you have opened in the past and the issues you’ve had with the hosting I’m not blind I can see that you’ve had abuse reports against your account also from bigpoint, no one is asking you to go premium so don’t bother bringing that up again you have two choices use our free hosting or use any other free hosting the errors you go on about aren’t technically errors, there are limits within our free hosting if you cannot work within the limits find another host.


If you have any valid error messages or anything that we can investigate please post them with screenshots and links to the pages that that errors are happening on and we will investigate promptly.


A must read before posting your topic!


you only saw the issues I opened from this account. i have about 5 accounts in this forum.
and it seems unreasonable that an official warns me to switch to another hosting service.
If there is nothing you cannot discuss, accept this as feedback or send your message to the center.
I will not consider your advice.
As long as the website I’m building doesn’t break the rules, it’s nobody’s business. my website has been suspended 1 times and opened because I am right.


I’m using zyro and mybb.
it is not normal to give so many errors. This is not sad.
what is sad is that these problems cannot be solved.


I know you have many accounts as every time you open a new one with us the system detects and I’ve even questioned in the past why you have more than one account


so refer to my previous post and if you have any valid concerns are at our messages post them and we will investigate them


I use punctuation according to the rules of google translate.
I leave the line after every sentence. otherwise google translate will not translate it properly.
it is impossible to translate your posts by google translate. I would like to learn English but I am a disabled person.


you have very long articles and they are all adjacent. google translate can’t translate you. I understand what you mean so much power.
you can’t imagine how much I’ve been trying to understand your text.
I forgot all of my forum accounts because I have mental barriers.
I just took note of this account’s information. so I can login.


Screenshot/ snapshot/ take photos of any error messages.
Post these images in this thread/post/forum/topic.
Link/hyperlink/make note of the address of the page with the errors.
Post these hyperlinks in this thread/post/forum/topic.


Topic now updated…


Looking at member.php headers it APPEARS at a guess that the cookie is to big / malformed.

Try disabling CloudFlare?


Yep I’ve got a feeling it is CloudFlare.

I cannot register on your site using your BugPoint.net domain.

I CAN register/proceed further by using the https://bugpointml.000webhostapp.com/forum/member.php
Subdomain without CloudFlare.


http://prntscr.com/m7bndw Now 404 error
Was my website changed?
zyro and mybb are broken.
I logged in in the morning and the situation was deplorable.
Please control to my site and tell me what happened.