400 Bad Request - MyBB


I use punctuation according to the rules of google translate.
I leave the line after every sentence. otherwise google translate will not translate it properly.
it is impossible to translate your posts by google translate. I would like to learn English but I am a disabled person.


you have very long articles and they are all adjacent. google translate can’t translate you. I understand what you mean so much power.
you can’t imagine how much I’ve been trying to understand your text.
I forgot all of my forum accounts because I have mental barriers.
I just took note of this account’s information. so I can login.


Screenshot/ snapshot/ take photos of any error messages.
Post these images in this thread/post/forum/topic.
Link/hyperlink/make note of the address of the page with the errors.
Post these hyperlinks in this thread/post/forum/topic.


Topic now updated…


Looking at member.php headers it APPEARS at a guess that the cookie is to big / malformed.

Try disabling CloudFlare?


Yep I’ve got a feeling it is CloudFlare.

I cannot register on your site using your BugPoint.net domain.

I CAN register/proceed further by using the https://bugpointml.000webhostapp.com/forum/member.php
Subdomain without CloudFlare.


http://prntscr.com/m7bndw Now 404 error
Was my website changed?
zyro and mybb are broken.
I logged in in the morning and the situation was deplorable.
Please control to my site and tell me what happened.


404 would be related to missing pages, if you are using myBB try admin panel any change anything to do with permalink, else try deleting . htaccess to see if myBB makes a new one?


I did not even use the computer.
I was working at work.
Details: Last changed 1 day ago


my .htaccess file is corrupted.
I do not know why it happened.
did not even login to the server yesterday.
zyro - resolved by save the site.
mybb - returned to the backup point.
I’ve had something like this for the first time.


If the cloudflare is disabled, the email system will not work and no one will register.
at the same time with third-party software to increase the number of impressions by cheat.
Charles - Repeat advanced and my web site closed for traffic.
I’m protected from traffic attacks from my website.



I’ve got the same problem with my website https://informatykgorlice.tk
I try off cloudflare but without result.

Error message:

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
The number of request header fields exceeds this server’s limit.

Help is welcome :slight_smile:


@Infinity ???


On what page do you get this error and have you cleared your cookies and have you tried another browser

Am getting 400 error every time i try to submit form

I have this error only when i try login by https://informatykgorlice.tk/wp-login.php


Perfect thank you I’ll add this info to ticket as it seems to be a request error


Disabling CloudFlare should resolve your issue



It works fine without CF


I have been told that I need to install an add-on.
I have installed the most current “cloudflare manager” plugin.
if the problem improves, I will inform you.


This is not solved my problems. I need my domain but know i can’t get acces to my website - https://informatykgorlice.tk/ previously website work without admin panel.


Can you disable cloudflare else change your wp URL via database to the default 000app one there is a tutorial on the forum