404 error. the URL requested was not found on this server


Thank you so much everyone for being here for me and yes its working fine now :slight_smile: .Can you please guide me about what had happened and what should i do if in future i get the same problem?

  1. Never install cache plugins

  2. Never delete .htaccess before backing it up.

i want to upgrade my site to hostinger. What would be the complete domain of my site when i make an upgrade? would it be yourtimetoshoptk.hostinger.com1?

You will have one of the subdomains offered by Hostinger, not its customer domain. However, depending on the plan, you will be eligible for a free domain. Please check out the below offers. Contact Hostinger Support directly for detailed information.

when i try to install a plugin it shows a message of installation failed! could not create directory. Now what is that?. is it because i deleted the plugin code from my php admin?

What code from what file have you deleted? (please screenshot the filename and its location if you can)


What is the name of your plugins folder?
If it is plugins2 rename to plugins, if your site stops working then a plugin is causing the issue.


im having an error adding my website to facebook . The error tells me that the website hosting 000webhostapp.com is not secure… Is there a solution to this?

I also tried to do that for instagram and it showed the same msg.

I also tried to make a facebook app and when i entered the URL it was not accepting the URL and it said that the URL is found to be malicious/ or abusive.

What’s happening man?? :no_mouth:


Facebook marks 000webhostapp URL as abusive because abusive users previously used them.

Park a domain to solve this.


alright so what does parking a domain means and how exactly would i do that?


Look at this tutorial


well i did that and tried to add my website to my facebook but it still says that 000webhostapp.com is unsafe… does it require some time for the parking of domain and should i try again later??
or is there some other way that you can guide me with?


You post the non 000webhost app url


but 000webhostapp is already included in my URL… How can i exclude that?


You have to buy a domain for it.


but i already have a domain. the problem lies with 000webhost.com…how should i fix that?


What domain do you own?


youtimetoshoptk is the domain name


http://youtimetoshop.tk/ ?

Have you parked it with 000webhost?


Or is it http://yourtimetoshop.tk/?

Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


yes my complete URL is yourtimetoshoptk.000webhostapp.com…is this what you are asking for?


See tutorial above, change WP to your new domain.


its https://yourtimtoshoptk.000webhostapp.com


ok im going to try it now


can u give me an idea of what my new domain would be?
i-e https://etcetc.com?