404 not found error



I have a 404 not found error on my site and I’m not sure how to fix it.

When you type the url, it should go to an index.php page. Instead it goes through /public_html/SampleProjectHomePage.php (which would be the home page) and produces a 404 not found error on this page.

This has happened before, I came to this same forum and complained about it, and then some guy fixed it.

My question now is: why does this keep happening and how can I avoid/solve it by myself in the future?

Thanks in advance for your response, I really appreciate your help.

(The link to the site is studyappbeta.000webhostapp.com)


Nevermind, I found the error. It’s automatically sending the user to the homepage if a session variable is already set, which it apparently is because I logged in as a test user. Now my problem is that I need to figure out how to set one session per person who logs in.

I’m using php. If anyone has any ideas on how to handle this, the advise would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I’ll be trying to solve the problem. Thanks.