413 error when uploading theme to WordPress, "Request Entity Too Large..."


Hello, i can’t upload a theme to my wordpress.
I get the message: "Request Entity Too Large…"
The zip theme is 19,6mb.
Can you help me?


This is an issue related to WordPress. I would suggest you take a look at the topic below.



I think that’s too large to upload through the WordPress dashboard. Try to upload using the File Manager. You should be able to upload it in /wp-content/themes/ and upload the zip, then right click and hit extract. It should then be available in the dashboard.


the whole message is

"Request Entity Too Large

The requested resource
does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.
Additionally, a 413 Request Entity Too Large error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.’’

So i must do it manually as you said?


Yeah from what I’m seeing it’s a “too large” error, so I would suggest doing it manually :smile:


When i try to extract the zip into the themes i get the message " ftp_put(): Can’t open that file: No such file or directory "
Any ideas?
and it creates a new empty folder with the name of the theme


That’s weird. Can you try the unzipper method using the tutorial below?


Thanks a lot!
I did that with the unzipper and now its ok!
Thank you guys!