500 error in wordpress admin login page


Hello i get a 500 error when i try to access the wordpress admin site. I migrated my wordpress from another hosting to 000webhost and now i cannot login to my admin. I want to check what the 500 error is. Where do i find the log for it ?



I have the same error, but only from today… Yesterday was perfect!

I check the status here https://status.000webhost.com/ everything looks fine.

Yet I have the problem. HELP! :frowning:


I’m having the same problem on my site. He just dropped off and got this message 0500


your worpress works fine https://locadoraresidentivo.000webhostapp.com/wordpress/


If you are still having the issue do post your full site URL and a screenshot please.


Your Wordpress was set to use HTTPS on custom domain. If you need this feature you have to upgrade to premium.
I changed your configuration and now your website works: http://origenv.tk


Your website has corrupted images but works.



its still not working for me !
url: http://swobodagebaeudede.000webhostapp.com/wp-login.php

And i see some viagara ads on my homepage. do you know how to remove it ?



Reinstall your site, wipe it and reinstall - 000webhost do not place ads so you must have uploaded an infected webpage etc.


You need to correctly configure your WordPress URL you can do it via phpmyadmin under manage database, both URL should point to yoursite.com instead of 000webhostapp
How to change WordPress domain


Changed your PHP version to 5.2 and error disappeared.