500 Internal Server Error occured


I work with the website http://diving-bsac007.000webhostapp.com/. On the wp-admin panel I wanted to change webaddress from post page to page of the website and after pushing the button to save a page with the note Internal Server Error has appeared.

How can I return my access to wp-admin panel please?



Backup your database in cPanel prior to making changes.

Use phpMyAdmin to manage your WordPress database.

phpMyAdmin select WordPress databaseSelect your WordPress database from the left.


phpMyAdmin select WordPress options tableThen select your wp_options table.

Your wp_ prefix may differ depending on your install settings.

phpMyAdmin click edit on siteurl

Click Edit beside either the siteurl or home entries.

phpMyAdmin update siteurl

Enter in your new value in the option_valuie field, then click Go