500 User: Operation not permitted error

|Error:|Could not connect to server|
|Status:|Waiting to retry...|
|Status:|Resolving address of files.000webhost.com|
|Status:|Connecting to [2a02:4780:dead:a653::1]:21...|
|Status:|Connection established, waiting for welcome message...|
|Response:|220 ProFTPD Server (000webhost.com) [2a02:4780:dead:a653::1]|
|Command:|AUTH TLS|
|Response:|234 AUTH TLS successful|
|Status:|Initializing TLS...|
|Status:|Verifying certificate...|
|Status:|TLS connection established.|
|Command:|USER websitename2017|
|Response:|500 USER: Operation not permitted|
|Error:|Could not connect to server|

Hi, my website got fixed recently but I need to back it up now. I noticed I got the 500 User: Operation not permitted error, but I wondering if the FTP servers are down, or is it an error that can be resolved.


I got the same error it would seem your site is affected by the current FTP issues sadly


Thank you. I’m just happy that my website works again. I can’t wait to download my website and make something wonderful out of it that I have planned.


yup I have the same issues, my site shows a blank index.html page and my other site I get a 502 error



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