502 -Bad Gateway error

Same Problem with my homepage, please help


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Me too - altera.000webhostapp.com

Me too: https://gmeme.000webhostapp.com/

same issue with my site --www.workminar.com
please resolve the issues as soon as possible

My website not work from yesterday about 12 on the clock. Please fix it.

Hey There,

My Website has started getting 502 Bad Gateway error too and it is impacting my testing.
This is impacting my work. Plese help resolve this issue asap.


My domain is faustoblanco.000webhost app.com
Please add to the list for fixing error 502

Full adress :


My site (https://testlin.000webhostapp.com/) is also not working (502 error).
I created this site for another login:

I can log in to hosting using ntatgclone@yandex.ru, but i can not log in to the forum using ntatgclone@yandex.ru. Therefore I am writing this message from another account.

Please, help.

All added, most will be resolved now.

I’ve downloaded a supposed fix, which it seems I’m to upload, but I still can’t upload, or even log in. MNemebot.000WebHostApp.com

No idea what you mean? :confused::dizzy_face:Is this related to the 502 error?
Your FTP is working and your site loads fine…

lugc.000webhostapp.com still down unfortunately :frowning:

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Please add https://friendsbeauty.000webhostapp.com/ to the list of websites that are experiencing 502 error

I’m still getting Log-In Information Incorrect. The site is accessible, as long as you aren’t uploading. Does this service claim to be down 60 minutes each day? It seems to be letting us choose our minutes.

That sounds nothing like the 502 but more like a busy FTP network.

Simply wait out the FTP traffic, there is no ETA on how long that may be but it was working as previous when I uploaded the html file.

Although I’ve just checked and FTP is working perfectly fine for


Maybe have a look at your connection locally.

I don’t know that this is the 502 error, but I know it’s an undocumented feature. System Normal-Active Features Undocumented.

Log in details are not correct.
Website Name:

It was working most of the time Friday, but got worse as my assignment came due. Waiting and trying gets me nowhere.

Tried changing the password and toggling FTP off and on?
but like I said I can log in fine here.
Else screenshot and FTP connection log from a client not the file manager