502 -Bad Gateway error

mine doesn’t work neither

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502 too https://jskam.000webhostapp.com/index.html

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Same problem for my page panisperegrinus.ga
Really annoying that it affects to my business by second time this year.

please add this site to the ticket too, https://auchipolynews.000webhostapp.com/

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If this is affecting your business then you are likely looking for BUSINESS HOSTING.

You’ve also not provided your 000WEBHOSTAPP URL so this isn’t added to the ticket :slight_smile:

My site is throwing a 502 as well. Need it for the school year that starts tomorrow. coachschrager.com

Need a 000webhostappURL @Jonnyjonjon

I’m with the same 502 problem.

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coach-schrager.000webhostapp.com same problem

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Thanks will add to list.

The domain you put before coachschrager.com isn’t pointing to our nameservers, therefore doesn’t load our content.

@Infinity that is my other concern - it should be but that seemed to change during the day. It is still there, so no clue. It was throwing the same 502, then I had some meetings at work then drove home and am now getting server not found.

At your domain registrar it is pointing to Google Domains instead of our nameservers.

@Infinity, thank you. Not sure how that happened. Fixed. Now getting the same 502.

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My Domain shows same 502 error, please add to the list of to be fixed


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I have the same problem too

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Same problem for me

Thanks !


meu site está apresentando este erro

502 Bad Gateway



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