502 Bad Gateway New User


Just started this Wordpress site https://gj38.000webhostapp.com/ but it is sometimes disappearing and showing 502 Bad Gateway. I’m testing 000webhostapp with a free Wordpress site and if this continues it fails the test. Please let me know why this is happening. Thanks.


This might help


HI, I am not a spammer. I’m tryin to setup the site. There is no content and I just set it up. So how could I be going over the limits? If the limits are the issue then I don’t understand how I could test your system. All I am trying to do is setup a simple blog at this stage.

Also the site seemed to go completely offline for some time. How can I monitor these limits? Thanks.

If the limits are the issue then you should show a message indicating the issue?


It’s more database limits, once the limit is reached database is inaccessible basically, but WordPress doesn’t know this and will either just timeout/ indefinite loading page or will shown random error messages usually about database in someway, the latter is more common.


WordPress will normally work fine with minimal plugins and a lightweight theme :slight_smile:
Try this plugin and https://wordpress.org/plugins/heartbeat-control/ make the lowest or even disable.