502 / Bad Gateway / Website frontend not loading / Website times out in browser etc

If you have reset your website and still nothing loads then I would recommend deleting the site and making a new 000webhostapp URL that will be allocated to an unaffected server.

I would backup your files and then reset the website from general settings, if this cures the problem great!
If not then deleting the URL and making a new URL would resolve it as the new application will be hosted on a working server without this issue.

Definitely worth trying to change your PHP version to all the different ones until you find a working one.
If this doesn’t resolve the problem then backup your files, reset the website via general settings and try then.
Finally if neither of these options allow you access to the frontend of your website then deleting it and making a new application should as you’ll be hosted on a new server without the bad gateway issue present.

But I will loose the name? I have some board far to my home that link to my site name (for read the file in ftp folder automatically) and I cant change the name from here

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If you delete the website you will lose the free 000webhostapp URL yes, once deleted these cannot be reused.
Please do not get attached to your free URL as we may change the URL system at any time for example we are thinking of
websitename.000webhost.app in the future.

Alright, I’ve done this and have worked pretty well. Thank you!

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Glad to hear creating a new application resolved the problem for you, apologies again.

If anyone is having issues please try the follow options in that order

  1. Change PHP version via your website settings on our panel until you find one which works

  2. Use the REPAIR Website option

  3. Use the RESET Website option (backup files first!)

  4. Use the DELETE Website option (backup files again!)

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