502 Bad Gateway?


My site files are good. Why is this a bad gateway? Please help.


If I broke rule number 8 under posting rules. I don’t know how to contact support desk. I am sorry. :frowning:


Your website is working fine…
Dont use “https”…use only “http”.


Sorry. But this web site is not working. With http is the same thing.



@tandystone Downgrade your php version to 7.0?? See if this works as others users stated that…it works fine for them after downgrading!!!


it’s already on php 5 since from the start. should i try to upgrade it to php 7 instead?


Yes try upgrading to 7.0…and see if it works!!!


well it works. nice. but if it will be a bad gateway, i’ll try to downgrade it. lol

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