[502] Error Bad Gateway [Resolved]


Nobody can open
What hapness?
Please, help me
Thank you


https://fbwebsite1.000webhostapp.com has giving me 502 bad gateway since last Friday.
I had clear the cache, cookies and browsing history on my system but still it isn’t working. Kindly please help.





Hello, here is the link. Im having this problem for two days. Do help me !



Same here, our URL:




Thanks to those adding their sites, I’ll update here when developers have issued a statement.



From access logs information, stop working around 2019-03-06T16:19:04+00:00


RIP SEO, RIP traffic, thank you 000webhost for no response for over 3 days…


The devs will check that when the weekend’s over



has error 502


Previously there were donations and a member of my games site donated several times to 000webhost but now the rules have changed, maybe they could reactivate free hosting donations! This would avoid some problems.


Purchasing premium aids development of free services, donations at the moment aren’t considered acceptable.
Unsure of donations not in the last few years anyhow.
But no need to upgrade if you don’t want to.
Just await this error to be solved.


Same problem here, no access since this Friday and until now still no access.


502 Bad Gateway


When I sing up my email and password to access http://clickdiagnosticoenfermagem.000webhostapp.com/ I run to my other site.
What can I do?




Added the new websites. Will update when we have a developer response


Your site appears to be working @ammaraslam10


My site is already working :slight_smile:


thanks @Infinity or whoever did something