504 Gateway Time-out


On Wednesday, everything worked as it should, the site was loaded in 3 seconds, it now takes between 15-20 seconds and very often there is a 504 problem. I’m wondering what the problem is because you’ve completed server maintenance? Whether the problem is to the site, but I did not change anything significantly from the Wednesday, I added one page and that’s it. Yesterday and today just throws out 504 error especially when I want to log in to the control panel.

After logging in, I get out the error on the home page of the control panel related to the database. If you can help me with this because I really do not know anything about the databases

See this tutorial first https://www.000webhost.com/blog/504-gateway-timeout


This is a temp issue and is already solved.

Also connect your website with cloudflare CDN which will make your website load a bit faster.


I do not understand why on Wednesday everything opened in 3 seconds and now it takes 15-20 seconds?And what to do with the database, how to fix this error?


I’ve forwarded this issue to Admins.
Admins are ivestigating the issue. I’ll reply as soon as admins reply.

When you get this error??


Here in control panel:


And when I want to sign in to PhpMyAdmin, throw this out to me:


@Bratunac.Info Try now to login to PhpMyAdmin. If youo face the same then refresh 2-3 time and then try again.

I’m not sure about this error. I’ll have to check once.


Hey thank you, it works! This error in the control panel looks like a message, I do not know where this is in the database?


Its looks like a syntax error.
Can your downgrade your php version to 5.6 from “Settings” – “General” – “Php Version” ??
See if this helps.


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