504 Gateway TimeOut


Good morning,

My website http://www.gregoryjanvier.com/ doesn’t works very well.

Indeed, i oftenly have the error “504 Gateway Timeout”. And sometimes, when i’m trying to connect to my wordpress CMS, it automatically connect me to the installation of my Wordpress CMS : wp-admin/install.php

And everyday it’s the same problem. So i don’t know what to do.

So, it’s vey weird. Can you check if everything is OK ? Because it’s happening various time in a day when i’m working on my wordpress CMS.

Thank you for your help,


Please read


Hi !

Thank you for you answer. I’m not sure to understand everything. For exemple, today i’ve just made few changes and when i see my statisticals, i’m not in a “danger zone”. As you’ll notice on my print screen.

So, is it really bacause i’ve reached the rules limitations ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You might have reached databases.000webhost.com queries limit


Thanks for your answer @ckhawand :slight_smile:

And last question but not least : If i take the Premium version at 1,99 €/month, will i be OK ?



Any plan will do the trick :wink: