522 disk full please upload later


522 disk full please upload later

Hello, I create new website, but when uploading ftp i got this error,
disk in stat 0% used because this ne website.

please help


same problem


Same problem


We’ve reported the issue


Hello Dear Team, I’m trying upload a file style.css, but appeared this message

My URL : https://escritorjaviermoran.000webhostapp.com/

Thank you very much in advance


Issue has been reported


Такая же проблема. Как решить?


Hi, when creating a file, the system reports an error - Ftp_put (): Disk full - please upload later - failed to load. How to fix it?


Just wait for a fix :slight_smile:


The issue is reported already, just wait


Even i am facing this problem. Waiting!


If you feel you can’t wait too long then I would just go to another host to be honest


I have same problem :s


Issue appears to have been resolved.
I’ve closed the ticket with developers - if you are still having issues please start a new thread & post screenshots of errors & your full 000WEBHOSTAPP URL and I’ll open new tickets with developers if required.