524 Error in wordpress hosting with cloudflare


Hi, I have a wordpress hosted in 000Webhost Link, I am using custom url www#chaibasa#org. The website was working fine but i recently found that there is a host error. ( I am getting 524 error) The website is able to reach the cloudflare but not able to reach the host. Please help me what could be the reason for sudden problem.

I already checked that the monthy bandwidth quota used is only 0.21% and disk and inode quota is less than 15%.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.


If your site uses database for the script installed, I think this may be why the site isn’t loading as the database isn’t working correctly at the moment.
Please wait for database to start functioning correctly again.


Is the problem is at my database or 000webhost databases as a whole?


Database as a whole, it’ll start working again soon.


Hello sir do you know when this problem gonna be solved?


Not currently no, hopefully in the next few hours, I’ll check back in here when resolved.