552 Error Upload


Hi, as of this morning I’ve been getting a 552 Disk Full error when trying to update my website via the file manager and also via FTP. I’ve got just over 16Mb (around 100 files) so nowhere near the limit. I’m using free hosting, is there any support for this?


Hi @ccscaiado!

Please go to 000webhost cPanel > Settings > Statistics, refresh the page after 5 minutes and reply details about disk space quota and inode usage quota.


Monthly Bandwidth Quota: 0.87% used
Disk Space Quota: 2.67% used
Inode Usage Quota: 0.57% used
Sendmail Daily Quota: 0% used

I still can’t upload or update any files.


I have forwarded this issue to administrators.

Please be patient.


Sorry, but all I needed was to make a simple update to my index.html (8.2kb), now it’s gone and I can’t reupload it. The page is unavailable and should have been up for a project tonight. The domain is parked here and I can’t unpark it on time either. Is there an ETA!?


Unfortunately we don’t estimate how long it will take for this problem to be fixed. Admins are already working on fixing it.

We are sorry for inconvenience :sweat:


It is working again, thank you! :grinning:

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