#9001 - Max connect timeout reached


Site: digi-tome.000webhostapp.com

Before you get snippy, I understand this is a “free service” but customer service is still a very important part of any service provider to ensure continued support from your customers … especially if they are evaluating you and how you handle service issues for the possibility of purchasing any paid services offered. That being said here is my issue.

I first noticed this error this morning at 07:37 EST. I have encountered this type of error before both on your service and other services I have previously used, usually if I am doing a lot of updates or testing, and usually after an hour it clears. As of this post (11:04 EST) the error remains. I have attempted to repair my site twice now, and checked for outages, none reported. I have my site set up to email me if a database error is encountered with source user agent and IP address. My site has not been hit other then my periodic attempts. This error is NOT effecting another database on my account. Can someone please check the account and possibly reset database permissions to reset this error?

Below are attachments of errors.


Could be related Rate Limiting Policy