Access Denied when try to HTTP or FTP


Hello, I am trying to access my account at and am experiencing difficulties. I am getting a 403 notification when I try a HTTP request and on FTP I am receiving a wrong combination of username and password.

I managed to accees the site early this morning and did not make any changes in the setting to change my username or password. Can you please investigate at the earliest opportunity. Thank you.


Same as mine at


Hour Devs are aware of the issue: :slight_smile: ^^

*Disclaimer not a staff


The thing is I was working on it this morning and now, POOF! Nothing. Why oh why? As if I have not enough of a headache trying to create the site stuff!!!



Please is this not doing frustrate our users on the long run because I’m afraid of losing users and trust to this missed up


I was also working on my too before the total mess


We are currently investigating this issue. Please be patient. :slight_smile:

Please upgrade to Hostinger to prevent these kinds of issues. :wink:


My website has been fixed kudos