"access from your host has been permanently denied"


Hello, this morning at 10:20 (GMT+1) I lost access to my site with the Error 524. I also could not access my files via c-panel

However, when entered my site address


to check the IP address at WHOIS site

I got reply

% Sorry, access from your host has been permanently
% denied because of a repeated excessive querying.

Few minutes ago the access got restored. However I still get the same reply from WHOIS site.
Why did I lose access for almost an hour? Why is WHOIS giving me that message? All statistics for my site are far below the limits.


I see your site fine could be a local connection issue.
Please restart your home router if possible to get a new IP address hopefully, else try a VPN or proxy in the meantime.
A screenshot of the site would be appreciated when you get a moment?


The access denied thing will again be local to yourself or your ISP, the whois site will deny multiple requests from an IP range if deemed suspicious and nothing about your site or our hosting would impact that.


Thank you for the reply. Could you please tell me one more thing. I have two WiFi-enabled devices designed to poll my server at 000webhost every 30 seconds (using tcp sockets). Each time before connecting they look for the IP address via the DNS server. I can see that the returned address changes every minute but only the last byte of the 4-byte address is changed (probably because of DNS load balancing). Would it be correct to obtain the IP address only once at device power-up and use that address “forever” or it is recommended to get the IP address via DNS every time before connecting?


I think due to cloud balancing getting a different address every so often is best, but if you try forever address to see how long it lasts?


Thank you. If the address may change due to load balancing from time to time then it is probably better to check it every time.
Do you happen to know the allowed number of DNS queries per second from the same host that 000webhost permits? As well, what is the limit of total DNS queries per second for the target site (from multiple hosts)? I ask this because in the future I might have a number of the devices (installed at different hosts) where each one will be making a DNS query every 30 seconds. In such case it may happen that multiple queries for my site may arrive in the same second.


I can certainly ask developers to check this for you.


I would appreciate that. Thank you…


Hi Infinity, could you please check with the developers the limits on DNS queries?

Thank you


I did, awaiting responses.


Still no luck with the developers? I hope I didn’t ask something that cannot be revealed…


The only reason I ask this is because I need to know the network constraints in order to properly design my IOT device…


No they’re usually busy they just reply when they can to my tickets


Hi Infinity, it’s been 3 days since you asked developers about DNS query limits, do you think you should reissue the ticket? They may have overlooked it…


Nope they’ve just not replied they are fairly busy at the moment with upgrades.


Hi Infinity, is the upgrade still underway? Any chance of getting the answers at all?

Thank you…


Reply 1:

There shouldn’t really be any impactful limits for DNS queries, I believe. There is some DDoS protection, but I doubt this user would be affected by it.
As for the second question - the IPs are shared on 000webhost, which means we can’t guarantee it will always stay the same forever. If the user wishes to have a dedicated IP address, they can upgrade to our Business plans on Hostinger, or grab a VPS :slight_smile:


Reply 2:

Also if the user does make requests too often and from too many devices - a VPS would totally solve this.
But for starters - I think there shouldn’t be too many issues.


Thank you for the reply. I understand the situation and it looks good.