Account deleted from 000webhost

account binh6699 has been removed from 000webhost. I have recreated the account but cannot access the data of the old website. Please help me recover it. Or completely delete the old account because now I cannot record the CNAME domain on the new 000webhost, because at the moment I get the message “Virtual Host already exists.”

I’ve requested developers remove the virtual link on this domain.

The ETA at the moment sadly is around 1 month for developer action so in this respect it would be faster using alternative free hosting with your domain or upgrading to Hostinger as there is no action required for the domain to work on Hostinger unlike this ghost link which the system has created and will need fixed manually by a developer :frowning:


It will be faster to use other free hosting or upgrade to continue on Hostinger.
Sorry we cannot offer a better solution in the meantime.

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