Account not showing my sites


I used to host my site @ 000webhost.
As i have not used/updated and maybe changed host, noticed you have a brand new site. And my ‘old’ account doesn’t have my previous files (html, php etc).
Have you archived such files? Or something is broken?

Looking forward to your reply.

Altin S.


I followed a link given to some other posts to access the old view.
The message shows:Cancelled due to incorrect nameservers
Can you please check if you can get the files from there?

Thanks in advance.


my site account and cpanel are not shown…


Your domain wasn’t pointing at 000webhost so your account was deleted, to start again visit, signup using a new email address and then park your domain in your account and upload your data if you have a backup, else start again.


Thanks James.
Fair (and unfair) point. It’s unfair as no cancellation notice was given of account deletion - and was gonna be nice to let users know.
The problem is I don’t have an updated back-up. I used to update HTML files directly from 000webhost FTP file manager facilities.
Does it happen you have a back-up copy somewhere?



If you had premium services any intention to cancel etc would be emailed but that wouldn’t have happened on the premium services anyway.
Keep regular backups as free services don’t attract the benefit of backups on the server anyway.