Account payment account

taxes to switch to paid account for lack of space
but just before that I canceled the account
I need to redirect the domain
if I have not recruited to the account payment account
that if I do the redirect I lose pagerank
my site is pure and had pictures of dragon ball

Can’t you switch without loosing your domain?

And yeah, thats the downside of starting off a site with a sub-domain is if it gets popular and a good pagerank switching it cost you big time SEO wise :(.

You just have to decide whether its worth it to get a domain and loose some pagerank.

No, you cannot transfer your free domain… What you could do is just use a simple redirect to your new domain

yes, but I bloquiaron account and having nothing illegal want to review

how to change server name associate with my
After i have upload file to FTP server my website is not up.
What should i do next time?

Is that 000webhost or hosting24 hosting?

If not, I doubt you’ll get assistance here.

Premium hosting is Hosting24. If you need paid support, please contact them either by live chat or ticket.

I couldn’t understand your question if you want you can park your domain in your control panel.

Buy a new domain URL redirect to your site >

Buy a new domain, make your old one (the subdomain) redirect to your new site.