Account Suspension Information

My account is suspended, what can I do now?

If your account is suspended, it means you cannot login to your control panel, use FTP or visit your website. If you want to know what to do next, the first thing you need to know is why your account was suspended.

There are a few different suspension types. Depending on the reason for suspension you can upgrade to continue without limits with Hostinger Premium, your databases and files are migrated free of charge to Hostinger by the superb technical team!

All users should take regular backups to protect themselves as per terms of service that was agreed upon signup to 000webhost free hosting, we can’t allow suspended users access to just “backup”.

7 days after an account is suspended data is deleted forever, so if you have a legitimate appeal you need to do it as soon as possible, see the email and required information at the end of the topic.

Types of suspensions

  • Manual Staff Suspension
    Normally in this case you will recieve an email from the system detailing why it has been suspended. Our staff team are constantly moderating and screening all content uploaded to 000webhost to provide an equal shared experience to all users, if some users are uploading phishing content we need to remove it as soon as possible.

  • Third Party Reports
    Normally in this case you will recieve an email from the system detailing why it has been suspended. Anyone can report your website and the content will be checked to make sure it agrees with our terms of service and doesn’t breach the free plan limits, if it does break terms of service it will be suspended.

  • Automatic System Suspensions
    Currently no emails are sent out when this happens, but this will be changing very soon.
    Rarely you will be suspended for hitting limits this is to prevent specific accounts from using excessive amounts of server power and slowing down other websites, 000webhost has limits on how much processing power, memory, hits and so on an account can receive in a day. If you hit one of those limits, your account will be suspended automatically and you need to contact us to revive your site, you will be warned to backup your data as if it happens again in the future the only course of action is to upgrade to Hostinger Premium to continue without limits and get your files back online.

How to appeal a suspension

If you believe your account is not abusive, you can submit a request to have you account checked by staff. If your account is safe, it will be reactivated but you must do this within 7 days from when the suspension occurred before your data is deleted forever.

To appeal a suspension the best method is to contact us directly via e-mail, from the registered email address of your account.

You must place the following information into the email

  • 000webhostapp URL(s) affected

  • Official ID such as a driving license or passport to prove your identity
    When attaching a photograph of ID you may be required to take a photo showing your URL behind it or near it if we suspect false documents or generated identification or be requested for alternative proof of identity.

  • Any information that will help us investigate:
         - The content of your website, an in-depth description of it
         - what you did before the error/suspension occurred if anything

Send it to us at