Account temporarily on hold


I received this message saying that my service has been temporarily suspended, what is happening?


This is an automated message from 000webhost forum to let you know that your account has been temporarily placed on hold as a precautionary measure.

Please do continue to browse, but you will not be able to reply or create topics until a staff member reviews your most recent posts. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For additional guidance, refer to our community guidelines.


@RovalGaming I see your website related to email “r*v*l*a*i*g*” is working fine.


At this moment it is working normally, but yesterday the web was offline on 3 occasions and on the 3rd time it lasted more than 30 minutes, not counting the 1st day that the service also used to load without end.


I believe this is because of temporary downtime caused yesterday. As you can see in this below link:


That message would have been about your forum account, nothing related to your web hosting service.


Look, right now the web is loading without end.

look this error in english ‘‘Error establishing a connection to the database’’


Probably related to Rate Limiting :frowning:


So that means, that my web will always have this problem of loading endlessly ?, because at this moment it is again in the same, it happens that when you verify it has already been normal, I would like to have a live chat so that in the moment the web is this way, you can get to see on time.


We don’t have any live chat facility, if you aren’t satisfied with the free service I would recommend reducing your theme size, removing any plugins you’ve got else finding alternative hosting.