Acme query htaccess

So the site in general works… but these automated syndicated posts are not accessible after they are created?


What do I do to fix this?

Did you try settings > permalinks > plain default?

Now it seems nothing is working at all… I’ve not done nor changed anything.

It was working last night and earlier today, now it’s down again?

What is happening? I can’t rely on a purchase with you all if this is a normal thing using your platform.

There’s an ongoing stability issue right now due to high volumes of people using the free plan. Premium plans don’t have this issue, although I understand why you might be wary to upgrade with the issues the free plan experiences.

If I can get an extended guarantee I might consider it… But yeah this is tough dude, I really really want to. But the burn is all too real from past hosts I’ve worked with.

30 day money back with Hostinger, but the paid platform is completely separate and different to 000webhost like I said before no point in basing your experience here on a demo of Hostinger etc.

Just go and get some paid hosting anywhere and get your project moving no point in mucking about with free hosting when you’ve got an idea or a plan and it will work.