Active Site Deleted

My website has not been inactive, receiving visitors throughout, but after a hiatus of 1 month I tried to access my site today, (, and got a message that the “Website is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.” I did not do any such thing. The last access according to my analytics was in early October of this year. It seems to be some malicious action.

I have read through the forum and notice that inactivity can cause a site to be deleted but this is not my case. Can you help me here?

Richard Thomas
cell: 868-392-6233

Today, I tried to establish a new account for my site of the same name but was barred from doing so. I was informed that their was a site already with the same name. The underlying site name was This looks like double trouble.

Inactivity of the control panel causes deletion, if you don’t login regularly to control panel at our website then deemed as inactive and deleted.

Deleted subdomains can’t be reused.