Add CNAME & TXT Record


Hi all,

I’m trying to add my CNAME & TXT records for MailChimp but I can’t work out how to do it with 000webhost.

All other sites such as GoDaddy seems easy to do it with, am I missing something?

A workaround that I’m considering is to transfer my domain temporarily while I verify it with MailChimp so I can send my email campaign from my email address. Would that work?


Do you have a custom domain


Yes, I do. it’s


Is it parked, or pointed at 000webhost?


It’s parked, is pointed.


I recommene you point it, so you can control your DNS zone at CrazyDomains


If I point it do I need to change my nameservers?



From my understanding, I need to add CNAME & TXT with the company that my nameserver is with.


I’ve been reading and trying to understand things better. I noticed that when I deleted and added my parked domain, the subdomain added itself automatically. If I change my Nameserver back to the company I registered with, set up the records, wait for them to take effect, then transfer my nameserver back to 000webhosts will that update my records?

With the CNAME & TXT records that I need to enter aren’t to do with my host so shouldn’t affect things…


Reset your nameservers to your domain registrar.
Then follow the tutorial.


Thank you! I will do!